Hey. It’s been a while.

It’s an oft-said adage that university music students have the most time in the world. 6 months ago I became one of these students, but was unsure of how to spend the time, having long forgotten my past hobby of creating scripts for eager RPG Maker users and filling their games with unforeseen bugs. Having been called on by a friend to create some custom scripts for this exciting contest, I’ve rediscovered my passion. That is to say, I am now once again interested in scripting.

Recently, I’ve been slowly trawling through the net trying to find bugs people have reported, either directly to me or on a forum unbeknownst to me. I’ve also been trying to find requests I said I would complete but never got around to for whatever reason, so that I can finally get them off my conscience. So, if you’ve found a bug in my script or asked me to do something and I forgot about it, please remind me and with all probability I will look in to it.

Here’s a list of things you can hope to see from me in the near future:

  • To my knowledge, since April 2012, there have only been 2 publicly released Ring Menu scripts for RMVXA. This lack of variety and choice is appalling, but understandable as they are very complex to make elegant. However, this friend was so hellbent on having a ring menu for her game I just had to. The Ring Menu Addon for PAC MM Ace will see a public release after the contest submission date, and a standalone release slightly later than that.
  • Recently I was approached in an IRC chat about creating a custom formula for EXP calculations. Thinking it would be rather simple, I quickly whipped up a short piece of work that allows for custom EXP curves. This will be released soon.
  • I’ve made a script for another friend which automatically exports the desired map in to a PNG, with no required event wizardry. This is very helpful for those who need to have image files of large maps.
  • I will now, for the first time, be openly taking requests. If you would like me to make a script for you or make specific changes to an existing script, please either send me an email, comment on this post, or send me a PM on an RM forum. Please note that the only forum I check daily is RMRK, and I check all others at a criminally infrequent rate.

Good luck in the contest, everybody who’s competing, I look forward to seeing all the games that come out of it. It seems like a lot of people are using my scripts for this, which is great, but I feel as though I need to remind people that I love people letting me know when they plan on using my scripts. Please do let me know, especially if you need any specifications to make the script work better for your project.

In other, very unrelated news, I’ve also used my new-found mass of free time to launch a gameplay YouTube channel with some friends of mine.
So, you can watch us play some video games if you’re in to that. Be warned. We’re Australian.

See you all ’round. Here’s a teaser screenshot for the Ring Menu 😉

1/7/2014. Hold on to your panties.

That’s right. An ellipsis.