PAC Main Menu
Version: 1.7c
Author: Pacman
Date: 27/10/2011
Version History

  • <Version 1.5/1.7c> 2011.10.27 – Added ring mode and fixed bug
  • <Version 1.3/1.7b> 2011.9.01 – Added graphical feature and redid actor selection processing
  • <Version 1.2/1.7a> 2011.8.22 – Revamp: Redid configuration and added graphical feature
  • <Version 1.0/1.7> 2011.7.28 – Original Release
Planned Future Versions
  • <Version anything> – More exotic and comprehensive displays.

My first CMS. Finally. The PAC Main Menu is focused around simple customization. Only a little has been done in terms of display to the menu, the focus of the first version, 1.7, was to get the core code out of the way so I could focus more on exotic displays in later versions. Now that’s been redone and finalized, I’ve begun focus on display work. So far, I’ve made two graphical ‘modes’ and integrated one that Cozziekuns made.

  • Easy configuration
  • Menu Icons
  • Auto-remembering command index
  • Simple support for other custom scripts
  • REALLY easy configuration.
  • Customizable, comprehensive display.
  • Revamped actor selection processing (test to see it!)
  • Bloody amazing ring menu (credit to Cozziekuns)

From top to bottom:
1. Compact display
2. Compact actor selection
3. Comprehensive display
4. Cozzie’s Ring display

I’ll be directing you to the instructions included in the script, conveniently situated next to the applicable configuration options.


Get it at Pastebin


  • Pacman
  • Cozziekuns, if you use the ring menu
  • Twb6543 for helping me deal with the command index issue.
  • Modern Algebra for inspiring a display
  • LoganForrests, Cozziekuns and the almighty Zeriab for generally helping out and showing me how I can improve in Ruby.
  • Yanfly for inspiring PAC by creating YERD, YEZ and YEM.
  • Cozzy for the beautiful ring menu.

Post here no matter how old the topic is, I live on RMRK. I’ll probably respond to PMs as well.
If you want the compact display, but not the data of the menu (for whatever insane reason), find it at this thread.

Known Compatibility Issues

Of course, it won’t work with any other menu systems. Custom scenes will probably return to the wrong index: I will post a tutorial for fixing this eventually.


Free for use in non-commercial games provided I receive credit. For commercial games, contact me via PM and I’ll decide.