Movable Level Cap
Version: 1.0
Author: Pacman
Date: 21st of October, 2012

Version History

  • <Version 1.0> 2012.10.21 – Original Release
Planned Future Versions

Making parameter curves continue after level 99. Aside from that, nothing obvious comes to mind. Feel free to suggest something.


This script simply allows you to change the level max of actors. Actors start the game with the level max you set in the database, but this can be altered in-game with a simple script call. Note that parameter curves do not continue after level 99.

change_max_level(id[, n])

This changes the level maximum of actor with ID id to n. If n is omitted, it will set it to the actor’s default level maximum. If n is less than 1, it will be set to 1.


An example of the script call. This call will change the level cap of the actor with ID 1 to 150.


Paste above Main, below Materials. For best compatibility put it at the top of your custom scripts list. If you have any inquiries, please ask me.


Get it at Pastebin.


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Author’s Notes

Never pet a burning dog. I learned that the hard way.

Terms of Use

You may use this script in any non-commercial project with credit. Contact me if you wish to use this in a commercial project. You may edit this script and use it in your own project, or even release it as your own script, as long as I am credited (being notified would also be nice).
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