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PAC Main Menu Ace Compact Addon

No big post for this one, just promoting the release of the Compact Addon for PAC Main Menu Ace. Of course, it requires PAC Main Menu Ace to work. You can get the addon here.

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing you what the Compact Addon does.

Everything in the base PAC Main Menu script is still functioning. Enjoy!


PAC Main Menu Ace

After two and a half incredibly average months…



Now is an appropriate time to soil yourself.

PAC Main Menu Ace
Version: 1.0
Author: Pacman
Date: 12th of July, 2012

Version History

  • <Version 1.0> 2012.07.12 – Original Release
Planned Future Versions

No specifics, but I plan on releasing different, smaller scripts (add-ons) that simply add more graphical customization, much like the compact or ring options for the original VX script.


This is the PAC Main Menu converted to VX Ace. On a basic level, this offers a configurable setup for your main menu, allowing the user to create, alter and move the position of menu commands at their pleasure. It can be used very simply to merely reorder the default commands, or to its’ fullest potential, that is creating commands to put custom scenes into the menu. It also offers two graphical features: adding an EXP gauge into the menu status window, and adding icons into the command display. Both are optional and customizable.

  • Easily customize and move about the commands in the menu. You can even create your own!
  • You can rename commands, change what they do (why would you want to though), and change the conditions required to use it.
  • Icons for commands are now implemented in the menu. Optional, naturally.
  • An EXP gauge is included in the actors’ window. It may look out of place, but I wasn’t sure where else to put it. It is, of course, optional.
  • A map name window and a playtime window are included in the script. They are completely optional. As is the gold window now.
  • The menu now remembers which command you were last on at all times, even after saving.
  • The menu now immediately goes to actor selection if the command you just came from required actor selection.

Here we see the menu being AWESOME.


Paste above Main, below Materials. For best compatibility put it at the top of your custom scripts list. There are detailed configuration instructions in the script header. If you have any inquiries, please ask me.


Get it at Pastebin.


  • Pacman
  • Pacman, for the original script
  • Want to be thanked? Suggest something, I might do it, put your name here and you might get a warm fuzzy feeling!

Just post here. This script can be very complicated, so please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Known Compatibility Issues

If you expect this to work with another menu system, please don’t, because it’s very unlikely that it will. If you’d like it to, ask and I’ll see what I can do about it.


I don’t think it’s very necessary. There are no in-game options, and the script itself is a demo.

Author’s Notes

My favourite note this week is the D above middle C (293.665 Hz), and my favourite synthetic tone is a sine wave.

Terms of Use

You may use this script in any non-commercial project with credit. Contact me if you wish to use this in a commercial project. You may edit this script and use it in your own project, or even release it as your own script, as long as I am credited (being notified would also be nice).
I hope you all like it, and that I haven’t missed out on too much in my absence.