TP System Overhaul

Version: 1.0, 23/04/2012
Version History

  • <Version 1.0> 2012.04.23 – Original Release
Planned Future Versions

RPG Maker VX Ace comes with a very cool system secondary to MP called TP. All actors (and enemies) have TP (whether it is shown or not is up to the user), with a maximum of 100. While an interesting idea and useful in a lot of ways, the default TP system is not very flexible to the users needs. This script sets out to get rid of restrictions placed by the default scripts in relation to TP.


This super-sexy script will allow you to:

  • Give actors and enemies different maximum TP values (exceeding the default limit of 100)
  • Give skills a TP cost of over 100
  • Change actor and enemy base TP values at your pleasure
  • Let the TP of an actor be effected by the actor’s level
  • Give each actor or enemy a different formula for calculating the initial TP they start every battle with.
  • Set TP altering stats on equips (Armors and Weapons)

I really actually can’t be bothered. Most of the script is mechanical, not visible, anyway. I would only be able to show you a TP gauge with a maximum above 100.


Paste above Main, below Materials. Follow instructions in the script header.


Get it at Pastebin.


  • Pacman
  • The cast and crew of House, M.D. (especially Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer ;o) for entertaining me while I toiled away over a hot keyboard writing this.

Post here with any bug reports, incompatibility issues, problems, inquiries, Spaniards, endeavours, stonemasons, death threats, improvements, monsters that live beneath my bed (please help), cries for help, questions and most importantly a diagnosis for a weird rash I have.

Known Compatibility Issues

None so far, but there are bound to be some. I did overwrite some stuff.


There are examples in the script.

Author’s Notes

Note that the formulaic options can be extremely complicated. They are there for super-duper-crazy smart people to make their games extra-special fun if they want to. By all means, do not feel pressured to use these options. Ask for help if you really want to know how to use them.
Also Laurie is better than Fry as an entertainer, but Fry is better than Laurie as an all-round person.

Terms of Use
Terms of Use for RMVXA Scripts Database. I don’t really have any specifications. Credit required for any project, contact me for commercial games. Also knowing if you’re using any of my scripts makes me feel warm and fuzzy so it’s nice to know 🙂
Sorry for the lack of writing scripts recently. I have a severe problem called school.