It’s been almost a year since I began work on PAC. And it’s not even close to being finished. Most of it is mainly from when I was an incompetent scripter, and copied a lot of other people’s code. Some very good things came out of PAC, mainly the Main Menu (squeee). But I think it’s time I thought more realistically about this.

I don’t think I’ll ever finish it, the way I’m going. I’m just not motivated enough. All that’s left to do are really big things; message system, battle system, equip system, status scene. I just don’t think I can tackle projects that big with no motivation. So I’ve decided to stop working on PAC, as it was just a half-assed effort to pump some scripts out and gather some fake publicity.

While I won’t be working on PAC anymore, I’ll still occasionally write a script for VX, and do requests. And I’ll also be doing Ace. I might even be stupid enough to start an engine for Ace. We’ll see.