YanPac Battle HUD

Version 0.3, 27/02/2012

Someone on RRR requested a Battle HUD for actors in VXA. Because I’m lazy, I simply extracted the HUD from YEA Battle System and made it work on its own. Yanfly did give me permission to do this. In addition to this simple request, I decided to make this HUD compatible with other scripts for maximum awesomeness.

Yami also commented on the efficiency of the HUD, and remarked that it may work better if styled more like YEM’s HUD. Because Yami is also lazy (and some other reasons), I’ll probably be looking at that myself also. Anyway, I’ve already made this compatible with Neo Gauge Ultimate and Change Gauge Display. It was pretty shoddy work, and a bit rushed, so if anyone detects any bugs, please report them to me.

Get the script here.

This giant image will showcase what you can do with the script. From top to bottom, the screenshots are; the normal HUD, drawing HP and MP; the normal HUD with some tags in the actors’ noteboxes to make specific gauges drawn; the same HUD working with Neo Gauge Ultimate; the HUD with one actor having no gauges drawn (yeah, you can do that); and the same HUD during the action. The database image shows you how you can use the tags.


This script draws the actor’s name, face, HP, MP, TP, action and states. The script automatically detects whether to draw the actor’s TP or MP depending on which skills they have. You can change some simple aesthetic options in the configuration. You can use simple notetags to make sure the actor’s gauges are drawn:
\def_draw_hp  – Definitely draw HP
\def_draw_mp  – Definitely draw MP
\def_draw_tp  – Definitely draw TP

You can also use notetags to make sure the actor’s gauges aren’t drawn.
\def_not_hp   – Definitely don’t draw HP
\def_not_mp   – Definitely don’t draw MP
\def_not_tp   – Definitely don’t draw TP

Version List

0.3: Compatible with Change Gauge Display

0.2: Compatible with Neo Gauge Ultimate

0.1: Script extracted from Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine


I will make this script compatible with another script if you ask me, and it isn’t too hard. But be aware that I do have schoolwork, so don’t expect everything done within a day. I hope this script works for you, and you like it!

In Other News…

  • Yanfly simply doesn’t stop making awesome stuff.
  • Yami released a standalone version of the CTB.
  • Kuku made an amazing Iconset. Check it out!
  • I was thinking about getting off my arse and making an actual game, but then I remembered that I’m a scripter and then I wrote a script and forgot all about making games. This made me think about how many people the RM community has who contribute to making other peoples’ games, but don’t actually make them themselves. This made me a little sad because when I see games by people like OriginalWij, Dark Gaia or Nessiah, I absolutely fall in love with the ingenuity, originality and raw beauty. Maybe one day I will make an RM game. It’s just something to think about.

Have the good day everyone!