So, I was going through some of this blog’s stats, because I have no life or something. I noticed something awesome. Really awesome. I don’t know how this happened. But I do know that I love it. I went to the stats page listing how many referrals come from different sites, and saw this: Mitchi’s blog, Kread-EX’s blog, RPGRage, Yami’s blog, links I’ve stuffed in RMRK and Kuku’s (EvilEagles) blog have between them given me 184 referrals in the past two weeks. Apparently these blogs do help with publicity, because now I’m advertised in 5 of these 6 places. Yay.

While this may not seem like a big deal to, well, anyone except me, it means a lot to me. So thanks Kread-EX and Yami, and mega-thanks Mitchi and Kuku, who have both hilariously and incredibly kindly made a banner for this blog without knowing of the others’. They are both great (but I prefer Mitchi’s, as he asked me what colour scheme I wanted, but that’s just me [though Kuku’s is super awesome because it’s animated <3]), so feel free to use either of them. They are in a sidebar on this blog.

So Project Famous seems to be coming along nicely. Of course, I suffer a big problem most that scripters do, and that’s not having any ideas. I’ll continue converting scripts from VX to VXA and making little improvements on Ace. Some time in the near future, if I have enough time on my hands, I’ll finally get around to finishing PAC. I also speculated converting PAC to Ace, so that could give me something to do ^_^

Not that anyone would care, but just so I can annoy Kuku some more, I’ll say that I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, and that albeit seeming like distant, robotic, coding machines, scripters actually do have at least one emotion/virtue. Modern Algebra, for example, has kindness. Yanfly, on the other hand, has kindness. Yami has several similar virtues. I, being a teenager, pretend I know what love is.

Thanks for everything so far, everyone. It really means a lot. Catch you all later.


Oh yeah, check out all those people’s blogs. They’re in one of those sidebar thingies.