Enemy HUD
Version: 1.1
Author: Pacman
Date: 10/4/2012
Version History

  • <Version 1.0> 2012.02.12 – Original Release
  • <Version 1.1> 2012.04.10 – Updated for ‘boss’ idea and better… code.
Planned Future Versions
  • Somehow changing the tags of the enemies so that you can change the displays in-game.

This script displays enemy stats (HP, MP, TP, stat icons) in the battle screen whilst selecting which enemy to target. It also includes special tags to prevent any of these stats from being drawn. And yes, enemies do have TP. New in 1.1, you can make the numbers of the enemy’s gauges hidden. This would be specifically useful for boss battles.

  • Displays enemies’ HP, MP, TP (yes, enemies have TP), name and statuses in the window selection screen.
  • Simple notebox tags to exclude any of these from being drawn.
  • Simple notebox tag to prevent numbers being drawn on the gauges (also works for actors, because I’m lazy).


Some demonstrations of the differing displays of each of the enemies. Too lazy to put the boss feature in a screenshot 🙂


Paste above main, at the top of your custom scripts list. Follow instructions in script header.


Get it at Pastebin.


  • Pacman
  • Pacman again, for the original VX script. :P

Just comment here or post at RMRK or PM me if your problem is embarrassing.

Known Compatibility Issues

I overwrote a method in Scene_Battle, so for extra caution make sure it’s near the top of your custom script list.



Author’s Notes

This will probably work well with Change Gauge Display.


Free for use in non-commercial projects, with credit. For commercial projects (seriously?) contact me.