Recently I noticed that, despite I’ve done a lot of stuff, only people on OmegaDev, RMRK and some occasional other people know of me. I decided it was time to get me some more publicity. And where better to start than by taking to EnterBrain’s newest engine?

Well, that’s what I did. I jumped on the VXA bandwagon on the 29th of January, and so far I’ve written 5 complete (and legions more incomplete) scripts. But this is just the beginning of Project Famous. In the past week and a bit, I’ve started up this blog, started posting scripts at R3, and reached out further into the RM community. Xiie (Reisen, Rin, whatever) posted something of mine at Planet Indie, so that’s the start of another forum. And Project Famous still has a lot of work.

So, in order to achieve Yanfly-like status (I wouldn’t hold your breath), I’m going to have to spread the word everywhere. Like, everywhere. Mitchi has been kind enough to post some of my stuff, which is cool. I’ve yet to post anything on or, because of registration issues.

Just so people know, I take requests. As long as they’re not insane.